Tools Untuk Padam Password Bios

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Reset BIOS Password Without Taking Out CMOS Battery

Download software di bawah terlebih dahulu ;

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Masuk Windows seperti biasa ;

2 popular ways to reset BIOS & BIOS password are using
the BIOS reset jumper and taking out CMOS battery for more than 15 minutes.
Sometimes, taking out CMOS battery form the motherboard to reset BIOS might not
be the solution for you, especially when it is a laptop system.


CMOS De-Animator is a software based solution that allows
you to clear and reset your system’s BIOS configuration, thus clearing the BIOS
password. The software is very useful since you don’t have to open the computer
casing to look for BIOS reset jumper or the CMOS battery. The only downside of
CMOS De-Animator is you will need to be able to boot to Windows with
administrative right.

To use CMOS De-Animator, just run De-CMOS2.exe, choose the
‘Clear CMOS’ (1) option and hit ‘Proceed’ (2).
Your BIOS configuration will be cleared instantly.


CMOS De-Animator will work on major BIOS. So far, I’ve
personally tested it on a few Generic Phoenix BIOS, Acer’s, HP’s, TC’s
(Terengganu Computer E-Book) and Toshiba’s, and CMOS De-Animator is able to
clear the BIOS configuration for those systems.

CMOS De-Animator is freeware and available for Windows.

Akhir sekali reboot dan masuk Bios.

Sekian, Terima kasih.

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