Headteacher brings 21st Century learning to his school.

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Headteacher brings 21st Century learning to his school.

SMK Iskandar Shah is a rural school that’s seeing great success with it’s use of ICT. The person who’s responsible for this amazing advancement is the school’s headteacher, Tuan Hj Zolkaply.

Over the past year, he has been rolling out improvements for ICT usage in his school. “It makes their life easier,” said Tn Hj Zolkaply when explaining why he was motivated to bring Frog to his school. Teachers now have less on their plate and can send each other emails and lesson plans over the Internet. The challenge that Tn Hj Zolkaply had was introducing the use of this new technology to teachers that had been using just pen and paper for years.

SMK Iskandar, a rural school where students live on campus to avoid a long walk back home

Being an ICT teacher, he began to explore the use of Frog for himself so that he could be an example to his teachers. In order to show the teachers how to use it, he set up classes for them and even taught these classes himself! During the lessons, he showed them the benefits of Frog and when teachers saw that he had made the effort to learn something new, they too were very willing to learn.

Tn Hj Zolkaply personally teaches ICT classes!

To encourage the teachers even more, Tn Hj Zolkaply would log into Frog daily to check up on lesson plans and schedules! Because of his efforts, teachers now create sites and send out homework to their students via the Frog VLE. They are also able to update their lesson plans using Google Drive and have integrated i-Think into the Frog VLE to better teach their students!

Tn Hj Zolkaply’s personal dashboard.

The results of Tn Hj Zolkaply efforts are astounding. SMK Iskandar Shah now has a near daily login rate for all teachers and students. Parent participation on the Frog VLE is constantly growing as well! Even during the holiday season, teachers and students are consistently logging in to use the Frog VLE. With such amazing results from SMK Iskandar Shah, Tn Hj Zolkaply proves that with good leadership, a school can go far.

Students even brought their own devices during a school-run, ‘bring your own device’ programme.

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